Security Vehicle Drive by with Video and Audio Capture
Live On-Site Camera and Audio Monitoring

Security Vehicle Drive By

We will drive by your location armed with video and audio recording streams and update you via email and text.

Vehicle drive by is currently offered only in Atlanta Metro - saving you money while providing a massive deterrent to would be thieves.  Simply prepay the number of visits required per week and supply the address - and we will execute and provide you with a video report.


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Custom Perimeter Protection and Live On-Site Cameras

We will monitor your cameras 24hrs a day and call the police if suspicious activity is detected, we will work with the police in directing them to any intruder.  We provide this service anywhere on earth for $20 per camera per month.

You can opt to purchase and place youe own IP cameras - or we can do this for you.  Our perimeter monitoring technologies will give us advance warning of potential intruders.

Cost Structure

Facility Assessment

LABOR - $250 - $750 per building floor

We come to your facility and assess the options for cameras, wiring, power, perimeter sensors, warning signs, lighting, audio warnings and more.

Camera Installation

LABOR - $250 per camera (indoor) / $450 per camera (outdoor)
HARDWARE - $400 per 4K camera
HARDWARE - $330 per TILT/ZOOM/PAN camera
HARDWARE - $670 for base unit recording and control system - with internet smartphone access

We identify options available for cabling behind walls and ceilings as well as via conduit - indoor and outdoor.  And we affix and connect the camera system up for internet access as well as local recording and control.


LABOR - $450 per external light installation

We identify options available for external lighting - running cables, mounts, weatherproofing, vandal proofing.

Audio Visual Warning System with Infra Red Detection

LABOR - $750 per external installation

We install an audio visual warning system informing trespasses via a loud speaker that they are being monitored and also switching on external flashing alarm lights to deter any assailant.

Laser Wall Warning System - with Audio Visual Warning System

LABOR - $750 base unit installation
LABOR - $250 per 20 ft wall protection
HARDWARE - $250 per 20 ft wall protection

We will install a laser fence perimeter around your installation alerting and warning any trespasses and send you and email alert when that occurs.



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