Supplementary Simulation

Low Cost supplementary High Tech Virtual Flight Training.

Save Many Thousands of Dollars by Supplementing Real In-Flight Training with Virtual Training.

$99 per 50 mins.


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Virtual Space Combat

Enter into your cockpit and launch into space. Six Degrees of Freedom with a 360 degree view.

Your cockpit vibrates and hums to the engine and explosions.

Space Dogfights featuring Artificial Intelligence Wingmen. 


What Exactly is this?

This is a basic flight training system that uses custom designed flight simulation cockpits. We primarily use virtual reality simulators which give you a true replica of actual plane cockpits along with a FULL 360 degree view around you and out of the cockpit windows exactly as if you were flying a real plane.  All of the gauges, switches, levers, navigation systems etc work exactly as in a real plane. You can use the manufacturers handbook to perform cold starts before flying.

These training exercises are designed to supplement real flights, or for leisure based training - we do not use actual pilots to train you - only generally trained staff.

So come on down and experience like you've never experienced before!


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