L39 Albatross


The Aero L-39 Albatros is used as an agile jet trainer, tactical reconnaissance aircraft and light ground support fighter. The jet is mostly used to train future pilots of larger aircraft such as the MiG-29 Fulcrum. The Albatros is however still used in many airforces as an attack aircraft for air to ground support missions or as a tactical reconnaissance aircraft.

1a. Simulator Familiarization

Activity: Basic Introduction to the relevant Virtual Reality Simulation Cockpit and controls.  Explanation of joystick controls, buttons and how to read gauges and control levers and switches in the plane cockpit.
Time: 20 minutes

1b. L39 Albatross Start Up

Activity: All start up procedures after entering the cockpit in order to ready the plane for lift off.  Detailed instructions and actions on setting up equipment, checking gauge values, and all necessary step to start up the plane - all in 360 degree true image and control virtual reality.
Time: 40 minutes

 1c. L39 Albatross Runway Taxi and Take Off

Activity: Traffic control and taxing the plane onto the correct runway ready for takeoff and then takeoff.
Time: 15 minutes

1d. L39 Albatross Flying and Landing

Basic manouvres followed by traffic control permission to land and actual landing at an airport runway.
Time: 30 minutes

The cockpits, gauges, switches, levers and all controls work as they do in a real airplane including fuel weight, system temperatures and pressures and on board computers and navigation systems .... ALL of which work exactly as they do in an actual real plane.

Unlike non VR simulators - you will perceive your cockpit as well as the outside scenario in TRUE 3D as in real life along with 3D sound. The simulator will also physically feel like a real plane and the chassis is also programmed to vibrate and hum realistically. These simulators act as an accompaniment to actual plane flights - both as a pre real flight practice system and as a flight enhancement system alongside real flights.

For example, actual real aircraft L39 training flights cost approximately $2500 per hour, whereas our simulator based training costs $30 - $60 depending on how much live assistance is required. At most, 10 hours of flight and detailed training will cost $600 with us compared to $25000 live flying costs - that's a big difference. Furthermore, using our simulation system, you can engage in detailed group missions with other pilots such as refueling in air, or reconnaissance missions..

When you are ready you can even partake in live tournaments. All in all, using our simulation system in tandem with some real flights could bring you up to expert flight levels at a fraction of the cost of 100% real flying and without all the risks.

For detailed L39 information click here.
Original Plane manual is here
DCS Flight simulator manual here

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